The new Sure Grip Glove helps
the hands and fingers perform
similar to normal hands &
fingers, giving a firm grasp for
holding on to different items
such as; Golf Shafts, Tennis
Rackets, Baseball Bats and
other various types of tools that
require a firm grip            
This unique glove gives a person the
added advantage of being able to
perform tasks they may have never
been able to do or were prevented
from doing due to a accident or
The Sure Grip Glove has been
invented to enhance the abilities for
disabled people. Examples are for
those people with Arthritis, Missing
Fingers or other hand/finger
Wear the Sure Grip Glove &
play Tennis & Baseball with the
ease of knowing your grip on
the handle is secure. No longer
will you have to worry about
your grip control on the
baseball bat or tennis racket.
The Sure Grip glove can be used
for Hunting and Fishing, Just
about any type of outdoor sport
needing a firm grip.
The Sure Grip Glove and how it
works.   With Glove on place finger
around item you wish to grip. Using
your free hand pulling the strap
attached at the knuckles around
fingers and item you wish to
grasp.Then pull Velcro strap to
desired tightness and attach to
locking tab on top of glove
Golf / Tennis Gloves For The Disabled
   Invented to Enhance the Abilities of Disabled People
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